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The manual breast pump with rotatable handle allows for more comfortable use. It has two-phase suction: In the first phase, the suctions are fast and shallow to stimulate; and in the second phase, they are slower and...
The Materno Life three-phase electric breast pump is an aid in any situation, whether at home or abroad. It is designed to mimic the child's sucking, using triphasic technology with 9 intensity levels: 1st stage with...
Nuvita's nipple shields are perfect for being able to breastfeed even with sore nipples or plugged ducts. They are made of lightweight and ultra-thin silicone to adapt perfectly to the shape of the breast. Its special...
The thermal gel breast pads can be used in three different ways: cold and very cold to relieve tender and sore breasts (reusable) and hot to stimulate the flow of milk before breastfeeding.
A package of containers for breast milk, produced in plastic material for food. The bags can be hermetically sealed by means of a double closure and have a spout to fill the bottle more easily. They are pre-sterilized...




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